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Squeaky Steering Wheel When Turning

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  • Squeaky Steering Wheel When Turning

    Hi all- I have a round airbag steering wheel retrofitedd in my 95. During the retrofit, I replaced the bearing sleeve on the upper shaft (immediately behind the wheel) but it continues to squeak. Any ideas like the clock spring?
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    Lower bearing on the steering shaft. It's a pain to get to, let alone replace. You best bet is to jack the car up and spray the hell out of it with your favorite lubricant. Get a helper to turn the wheel back and forth while doing it.

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      As mentioned, you can always test it with WD40 and first confirm that is the source of the squeak. I say this because I've found that the wd 40 has been the easiest to target the area.

      Then, get some spray white lithium grease, Tri-flow and go to town. Try your best to clean up the splatter