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Jacks pads on or off? / Undercoating question

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    Originally posted by MattDearPhoto View Post
    You need to make the decision of a softer OEM type or a harder bed liner type.

    But as said your best bet may be to just repair what is there rather than ripping it all off.
    I think I'm going to keep all the coating that's good and just spray over it with WURTH Winterproof Stoneguard - Black Over the bad parts, I'm going to remove the coating and use some type of primer and then WURTH since it's supposed to be similar to OEM.


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      In areas where the underseal has failed you need to take it back to a good area, dry it and grind/wire brush the metal back to clean, then treat it with a rust preventative like POR15 and then underseal it.

      Of course this is all UK based knowledge and we have it much worse so may be overkill.