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Condensation and black carbon from the muffler

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  • Condensation and black carbon from the muffler

    Hi All,

    What can be causing what I feel is more then normal condensation, water, vapor and black carbon to come out of the muffler? One thing I should mention is that most of my drives are really short with everything going on in the world today I'm not going far. I'm sure that is a contributing factor. What else should I look at? 02 sensor? MAF? plugs?

    I did have a major evap leak code a few weeks back after filling up with gas. I figured the gas cap was not sealing I made sure it was and erased the code and it hasn't come back yet. Not sure if that could have anything to do with it? Thanks!

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    BMW's do not like short distance driving. Take it on your favorite canyon route or at least open it up while getting on the freeway while it is up to temp.

    Regarding the EVAP code- smoke test the system and look for leaks. Replace the gas cap if it is original.