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Interior dove grey leather swap

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  • Interior dove grey leather swap

    Hello all, I am in the midst of getting a new to me e36 but interior leather needs work badly. I am wondering if anyone here can give me some leads on where I can find factory matches dove grey leather to reupholster the entire dove grey part inside the car, and I have the Vader seats. Your input is much appreciated.

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    There are a number of ways you can go with this, depending on how much you want to spend and what your quality standards are. You'll need to first consider if the foam in the seats is in good shape and it's just the leather itself that is bad, or if the whole shit is toast. If the foam is alright you can get something like an Autoberry of LSeat covers which would be "alright" by most standards, if you instal them well. Or you can have them done custom at a shop for say $1000 on up depending on where and how good the work is. If the foam is also toast, there are a few places in Europe who have aftermarket replacements but I dunno how good those are, they are probably pretty decent at least.


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      Nate047, thank you for the reply. Both Autoberry and Lseat only have seat covers only, they don’t have the replacement leather for the door armrest part for the front and rear. And if I were to change it, I wanted to change all dove grey color leather so they would look all alike without color variation. I attached a picture here for reference to the part I am looking to replace, do you have any leads where I can go look for this?


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        If you’re going to get someone local to do it is it worth taking it to them to see how well they can match it?


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          You can still get original foam.

          Well at least last time I ordered them.


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            So is it possible to find the replacement part or leather for these door panel dove gray leather?


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              If you were going to order seat covers from one of the companies I'm sure they could supply the leather to redo the door cards also, or possibly do them for you as well. It's just I imagine a much less common thing to retrim.