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Brake pad options...? And a few random maintenance questions.

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  • Brake pad options...? And a few random maintenance questions.

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of toning back my car a bit, and I'm due for some routine brake service as well. Currently, I have PFC 08 pads which are great for track days, but for sure not ideal for the street. They are noisy, create a lot of dust, and are corrosive to wheel finish. I won't be tracking this car again anytime soon so I want to switch to a "regular" performance street pad, but I don't really know what the best choices are.

    Key points I'm looking for:
    Low noise *moderately important*
    Low dust *moderately important*
    Not corrosive to wheel finish *very important*
    Brand, I don't really care.

    Other random questions...
    What are the recommended transmission and differential fluid service intervals? I am thinking I'll do both since there are 15-20 track days on both, but moving forward I'm just curious how frequently you guys do this for street cars.
    Anyone have thoughts on cleaning your own fuel injectors vs. sending off to a service like RC? I have actually never done this before on any of my cars, I always shopped it out.
    Related discussion, how often is this needed if the car is running fine?


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    Really OEM would be best I think. My ferodo d2500 sound like a fucking train, turn my wheels black and would probably melt my wheels if I didn't wash my car every 3 days lol.


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      OEM will always offer the best bite but dust terribly.

      I go with Stoptech Street when I want less dust with a similar OEM feel (but not quite as good).

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        I just installed StopTech sports, but no miles on it yet. I've tried a number of brake pads over the years on various cars:

        Hawk HPS (300ZX TT) - really liked these- good bite, medium dust, low noise
        Akebono Ceramics (Z4M) - avoid - no noise or dust, but no bite at all
        EBC Reds (SL500) - hated these - very noisy, very dusty. Good bite though!

        If you're worried about your wheel finish I would ceramic coat or apply a strong wheel sealant on it. It makes cleaning much easier and will protect the finish. A decent performance pad (even OEM ones) are going to dust, that's just the way it is.


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          I put StopTech streets on all of my dailys. Good bite, good temperature threshold, next to no dust and no noise whatsoever.

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            I think I'm just gonna go with OE and see how I like them. I can deal with dust as long as it doesn't murder my wheels like the 08s do.


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              Just an update on my StopTech sports- really liking these paired with Zimmerman rotors. No noise and initial bite is actually pretty good when cold, and excellent with a bit of heat.


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                One fairly major downside I found with the Stoptech Streets and Hawk HPS pads is they don't like sitting with moisture. The compound likes rusting. Leaving the car parked for a few days in the garage after a wash would cause the pads to strongly bond to rotors. The result would be pad imprints or deposits and steering wheel vibrations that would not go away even with multiple bedding in procedures. Now, I stick with OEM pads and wash the wheels once a week.