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Tips/tricks for removing stubborn old gaskets?

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  • Tips/tricks for removing stubborn old gaskets?

    I redid the VANOS seals on my 95 m3 about a month ago, and replaced the gasket between the VANOS unit and cylinder head while I was at it. The old paper(?) gasket was a PITA to remove. After scraping/cleaning for nearly an hour, I figured I’d gotten enough off, and reinstalled everything with a new gasket.
    Big mistake. I’ve got a pretty steady oil leak coming from that area now, so I’m planning on pulling everything apart again just to replace that seal.
    This time, I’d like to make sure I seal it right. What’s everyone’s favorite method for removing old gaskets? Is it safe to use a little RTV on the gasket to help it seal?


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    Ugh. I hate that 95 used that stupid paper gasket. Sucked up an hour of my time too just scrapping away at it.

    no rtv except for at the top where the steel gasket will meet the valve cover gasket. OE gaskets have the sealer built in that squeezes out once secured.

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      THE Best Carbide Gasket Scrapers


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        Originally posted by m3fan View Post
        oooo, interesting. I might need to get one.

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