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Replacement Sunroof Seal Issue

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  • Replacement Sunroof Seal Issue

    I replaced my sunroof seal this weekend with the part that all of the sites specify online (54128165954), and found that the sunroof doesn't want to come back down all the way after tilting/venting now. I can get it back into the fully closed position by then opening it all the way and closing it back, but it doesn't seem to like the plush new seal after tilting. Has anyone else had experience with this? Will giving it some time to "break-in" help (although that seems unlikely)?

    Side note - I'm embarrassed to say how much time I took sticking the new seal on and trying to get it totally flush and even all the way around - not the most fun job for detail-oriented DIYers 😀.

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    I would check that everything is clean and well lubricated. I don't see the seal adding enough resistance unless it was applied too low beneath the surface that the lip is catching something. Try cleaning and lubricating every single moving part.


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      Thanks for the reply. That’s a great idea, I haven’t cleaned and lubricated the sunroof mechanism since I’ve owned the car. Seems logical that could improve the situation. I’ll give it a shot!