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    Hey guys, first post and new to the forum. Nice to meet you guys and lots of great content here!

    I have a 1995 M3 - its almost completely refurbished now. The last thing on the list is the two front vader seats.

    I have seen a ton of different options ( Lseat, Autoberry, Ozworks, Vader Factory )
    There is also a German Ebay seller who recovers Recaro seats in Vader styling - cool option.

    Anyone purchased from any of the above and highly recommend them?

    I am confident with tools and patience (I have worked with leather for small leather goods like wallets and bags) But I don't have an industrial sewing machine so sewing my own covers is too big of a job. My seat foam is probably pretty worn out by now - OZworks and Vader both appear to sell new foam so those options are looking great.


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    What color are your Vaders? If they are black, Autoberry should be just fine.


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      Thanks SpaghettiM3. They are black. Digging through old forum posts I've read autoberry has better fitment while Lseat matches the texture better. Ha ha ha - I think I'll have to settle one way or another. Thanks man!


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        No experience with either options but I will say that all new upholstery is pointless if the underlying foam is worn which it is very likely. If that is worn it will just accelerate the wear of your new upholstery.

        Unfortunately bmw does not reproduce the vader foam cores so what I have done in the past was hoard low mileage passenger seats and simply swap them into driver side which could be an alternative route but requires patience for a good deal.

        One thing i do notice about vaderfactory and bmwozworks is that they are able to reproduce the foam core. In fact they have entire swap kits where they send you the upholstery secured to new foam for the same price of the autoberry kit. However they are international and it has been hard to communicate with them.

        i suppose when my current set wears out I will be the first to try them out.


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          Great idea's on hoarding passengers seats and frankenstein creating driver seats bmwstephan. I think I may go the vaderfactory or bmwozworks route for the new foam.

          I do have plenty of experience making items from leather (hand stitching with stitching punches and various saddle type stitching methods). The Bmw stitch is very easy to recreate. So I will probably gut my old seat upholstery and create vectors with seam allowances and stitch marks for those who may want them. It would certainly be a great resource for someone who wants to replace a bolster without having their seat gutted for too long.


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            I purchased some Cecotto Sport Seat EVO 0344 M-tex from Germany. I was thinking redoing both the E36 M3 and the E30 325is with it. It’s a beautiful fabric. Got 26 feet of it.


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              Pretty decent looking foam replacements, I'm kind of amazed there aren't more/any people state side who make those, that I know of at least...?


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                OP could you send me the link to the German seller recovering Recaros in Vader styling? I might be interested in that.


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                  There are a couple but the one I was thinking of goes by Saddlery Star or something similar. But another two that have sparked my curiosity are:

                  AMX_MAX (I don’t believe this seller is in Germany though)

                  I can’t say anything about quality. Some of the Vader Stripe proportions look odd. And some of the stitching on folds looks like it may be inconsistent.


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                    Let me ask one of my contacts in Germany. Give me the name of the fabric or item number.