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    Really a question specific to Brett (Braymond) or anyone else with extensive experience with Dinan's bolt-on hardware on the e36 platform... in any event, Dinan appears to be reinvesting in the e36 platform and started reproducing a lot of previous NLA items (i.e. rear strut bar and possibly carbon CAI).

    For someone who has had the whole package of Dinan NA bolt-on mods (CAI, Throttlebody, Exhaust, Chip) are we talking about a measurable difference in performance? Dinan's own dyno results are no longer posted on their website. Note that I tried looking into BF's dyno library and could never get a straight answer because the posted results always involved a hybrid of non-Dinan mods as well.

    Any compromises when using these components?

    The reason I ask is that I was disappointed in their offerings on my e46 m54 and they even comprised driveability in certain ways. For example, the e46 catback exhaust caused cabin vibrations if the car sat idle and its throttlebody also had the occasional idle rpms issues even after software tuning. Frankly Steve Dinan himself admit you wouldn't get much from an m54 engine (10-12 hp at the most from all those same mods mentioned) because it is tuned to the max from factory and it was just about the cool factor.

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    Other than the floor mats and the rear strut bar being recently added, Dinan has been offering everything you see on their site since they were created for the platform.

    Stage 3 mods are more for the visceral experience. Minimal power.
    Stage 4-5 are where you can see 20-30hp gains.

    M50 manifold (standard with Stage 5) with any of their mods is a good combo.

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      What constitutes the different stages? And does that HP gain apply to the s50 which already has the freer flowing intake manifold?

      Edit: NVM, I see the stages are specific to the S52 motor. I suppose the s50 tuning stopped at just the CAI, TB, Exhaust and Software since it was just a 1 year only motor
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        You might want to call Dinan directly to see what they offer exactly. I have always had pleasant interactions with them, and the only thing I've ever really purchased was the stage 4 to stage 5 software upgrade. I don't even see software being listed for the S52 anymore, and a bunch of other parts too, unless I am not doing something right navigating their site. Having said that I have the full stage 5 setup on my s52 M3 paired with the M50 manifold. Bought the car from the original owner, that had everything stage 4 (except for exhaust, unless he removed it before sale) installed at the dealer. I added the m50 manifold, super sprint exhaust and upgraded to the stage 5 during my ownership. I don't have any complaints. Car behaves like you would imagine directly form the factory. Some food for thought... I believe the owner put the Dinan stuff on early in its life. The car currently has 240k miles, still on the original Dinan stuff (apart from the air filter haha).

        Stage 5 is TB, Intake, Euro HFM, 4lb FPR, exhaust, and schrick intake manifold (can use M50 instead). For the S50 if they never offered a HFM or more fueling, or don't currently, I guess it would be better to go another route. I am not familiar with whats the ideal way to upgrade the S50 but I see that a Turner stage 3 is HFM, Injectors, Schrick cams. So perhaps piecing those 3 together and getting the software from a good source (don't know anything about turner's software) might be the better way to go for an S50.


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          Also what is everyone's experience on the gen 2 Exhaust? I have heard that some of them tend to crack at one of the welds but is it common?

          I see one used but it looks pretty worn down with some possible surface rust and yellowing that could probably be cleaned up.


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            All Gen 2 end up cracking. Some last longer if the muffler mounts are kept fresh.

            They are completely stainless steel except for the mid section mounting collars. There shouldn’t be rust on it.

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