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  • Ground Control Coilover Question

    I installed some basic Ground Control coilovers last week and have been driving on them a bit. I'm getting a lot of clunking and believe it to be the top spring perch rattling in between the spring and the tophat. Is this normal? The perch has a groove that loosely fits inside the tophat, so I'm thinking it just keeps jangling in there over every bump. Is that normal?

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    That's Ground-Control for you.

    Their sway bar end links do this as do their race camber plates. It appears you're running street camber plates, but given their incompetence it would not surprise me if that was also the issue (should not be).

    Start by using a heavy marine grade grease between the perch and spring. You can look into isolation pads and torrington bearings too. Grease is quick and easy, but messy. Make sure it's the SUPER TACKY kind, not just wheel bearing grease.

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      Thanks for the tips. I am running their street camber plates. The lip on the tophat had what appeared to be thin vinyl tape, I peeled it off thinking it was shipping protection, (it was not applied evenly) but maybe it was a buffer? I’ll give marine grease a go.


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        I've been running my GC coilovers for 16 them and see what they say. Maybe it is a product defect on the perch? I have their street/track kit and have never had an issue with clunking.


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          I called them Friday morning. They told me to email them if I had any issues, so I did. Waiting now.


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            Just an update to this. Was able to get ahold of Ground Control and explain my issue. They helped me go through a few suspension related diagnostic checks and it ended up being a bad swaybar end link.


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              If it helps, here is a pic of Torrington bearing with Helper spring, This is a Motion Control setup but I would think GC would be similar. I don't get any noise. I'm running GC adjustable race plates.