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Window regulator faulty or electrical issue

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  • Window regulator faulty or electrical issue

    Hey everyone, I been having this issue since I purchased the car and really haven't had much time with school to pin point the issue without going deep into it a wild rollercoaster ride.

    I have a 1997 e36 coupe and my front left passenger window doesn't seem to function with my switch correctly,

    When I press the button to engage the auto rise for the window to shut, It keeps retracting
    when press the switch in small intervals the window goes up with no issue.

    thank you
    (if this doesn't meet the guidelines please inform me and I will delete post)
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    The fix could be as simple as replacing the windows switch/button. Could be faulty. Have you checked or replaced the fuse?


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      I will be checking the fuse today, I will order a switch today also just in case.
      thank you for responding 🙏🏼


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        Do a search on window issues. Many threads on this on bimmerfest and bimmerforums. There is a procedure to reset the window module that may help. This also sounds like there may be too much friction in the window mechanism and requires cleaning and re-lubing.


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          Does you E36 have a comfort relay (some do not)? Those go bad, cause windows and sunroofs to do odd things, and are typically located just above the gas/brake pedals. Worth a look.


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            thank you guys I am in the process testing couple things out. ordering a new switch which cost (80$) then will be checking the cars window regulator.


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              Highly unlikely it is the switch or any electrical issue.

              The plastic gear inside the window motor gearbox is likely more of an issue. The internal walls inside break and the rubber isolator can no longer act correctly which causes the motor stop function on normal full open/full close to constantly trigger. The teeth are also known to break.

              There's no reason to buy a new switch either, you already have a good one on the opposite side to test with.

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              • BMWM3
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                Thank you.
                will be doing some research for the part number to purchase that part.