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    Originally posted by Nate047 View Post

    I agree, I'd like an honest review of how painful it is to own one though.
    Mostly painful from a financial point of view. When something breaks - its usually $$$. I'm pretty handy and I have done things like throttle body actuators, and various suspension bits myself, but bearings, gearboxes, and such - are simply above my ability. And that's what gives up the ghost often on those cars.

    Other than that - the car has pretty archaic gearbox, and unless you are driving it like a maniac in P500 Sport mode (which I almost always do), it feels...well, old. The engine is glorious, and worth price of admission alone, but overall, its just typical BMW M stuff. Don't get me wrong, its a great car. But unless you have to have a naturally aspirated 5 liter BMW V10 that sounds like a freaking jet fighter, there are other options.

    Here is a nice view of a Bangle butt for you

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      So, with the M6 sold, I got myself a new toy:


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